1943 - First show

First ever performance in Toledo, Ohio. Holiday on Ice was created by Carl Snyder and Donn Arden, who chose the name Holiday on Ice because the first show was to be staged during the Christmas holidays.


1945 - Touring show

The Gilbert brothers invested in Holiday on Ice. Together with Morris Chalfen, they use the first portable ice rink to make Holiday on Ice a touring show.


1947 - Holiday on Ice conquers the world

Holiday on Ice becomes the first American show to travel abroad, playing to a packed audience in Mexico City.


1949 - Holiday on Ice travels to South America for the first time


1950 - First ever performance of Holiday on Ice in Europe


1953 - First ever performance of Holiday on Ice in Asia


1959 - Cold War visit

In the midst of the Cold War, Holiday on Ice travels to Moscow, becoming the first American attraction to visit the Soviet Union since the two superpowers agreed to a cultural exchange programme. Among the spectators is party leader Nikita Khrushchev.


1960 - First ever performance of Holiday on Ice in Africa


1965 - Madison Square Gardens

First performance of Holiday on Ice in New York's Madison Square Gardens. Also the year of its first ever performance in the Middle East.


1973 - New director

Skee Goodhart takes over Holiday on Ice from former owner Morris Chalfen.


1980 - London to Amsterdam

The administrative offices of Holiday on Ice are relocated from London to Amsterdam, and a European production company, based in Bern (Switzerland), is formed.


1987 - East Germany

Holiday on Ice travels to East Germany for the first time.


1988 - World record

Holiday on Ice enters the Guinness Book of World Records as the most-watched show of all time by welcoming its 250 millionth guest.


1994 - 50th anniversary and another world record

Over a thousand Holiday on Ice skaters, past and present, celebrate the show's 50th birthday by forming the longest kick line in the world an achievement which merited another entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.


1996 - Change of ownership

Endemol Entertainment the largest independent television producer in Europe acquires Holiday on Ice.


1999 - Stage Holding

Joop van den Ende forms the Stage Holding Entertainment Company, which assumes responsibility for all of his own as well as Endemol's live entertainment products, including Holiday on Ice.


2002 - Holiday on Ice continues to expand worldwide

Holiday on Ice brings the total number of cities it has visited to 620 in more than 80 countries on five continents.


2003 - Another new record

Holiday on Ice welcomes its 300 millionth visitor with a spectacular prize campaign.


2004 - 60th anniversary

Holiday on Ice celebrates its 60th anniversary. 


2005 - Stage Entertainment

In August of 2005, Stage Holding became Stage Entertainment.  


2005 - KISS

2005 is also the year of the first Kids Ice ShowS Division's production: Peter Pan on Ice. In its first year over 1,000,000 spectators are expected. 


2005 - Asia

This year Holiday on Ice discovered and conquered new territories when the show Hollywood started touring Asia.


2008 - 56th Anniversary

Holiday on Ice celebrates its 65th anniversary, welcomes its 320-millionth visitor, wins the TPi award for the most impressive stage and achieves another Guiness Book of record award for the ‘World´s largest Pin Wheel’. 


2009 - Two new shows

Holiday on Ice develops two new shows. Tropicana and the Nutcracker on Ice. The Nutcracker on Ice is a wonderful Christmas fairytale ice show co-produced by Stage Entertainment Russia and Holiday on Ice with the ambition to tour the world.


2010 - Great co-operations

In 2010 Holiday on Ice created great co-operations with Mr. Phil Collins for Festival, German singer Lou Bega for Tropicana and Dutch singer Do for Energia which generated good exposure in the countries. Besides that, Holiday on Ice co-produced together with the Stage Entertainment Russia-colleagues, a family ice show for the Christmas period in Moscow: ‘Snow Queen on Ice’. 2010 is also the year that Holiday on Ice performes in Libanon, Beiroet for the first time.


2011 - A new dimension with Stage Entertainment Touring Productions

In 2011, Holiday on Ice becomes a part of the new division Stage Entertainment Touring Productions.

As part of the new division, Holiday on Ice presents the new sensational show Speed. With snow bikes, aerialists, stunt man and dancers, a spectacular set, amazing costumes and top class skaters, Speed is going to race into a new area!

In the future, Holiday on Ice will keep providing entertainment for the whole family, with shows that combine the speed, elegance and romance of the figure skating with acrobatics, beautiful costumes and versatile music.