The Holiday on ice show "Festival" will be a grand celebration - inspired by the very best Holiday on Ice moments of the past, and full of stunning, multi-coloured contemporary scenes. From the moment the audience enters the arena it is obvious something dramatic is going to happen: The giant and stunning, explosive and colourful “tornado” set hovers over all,  giving the feeling the party is about to get started.

Karen Kresge, who was also the choreographer of "Spirit", will direct and choreograph this brand new show together with an international creative and production team. The colorful stage set will be designed by Bart Clement; Luc Peumans will create the amazing light design and effects and David Shields will design the astonishing costumes. The music will be arranged by Maurice Luttikhuis.

Festival will have an excellent cast of 34 skaters, including 8 principals with Brent Bommentre and Kim Navarro as a great new couple. They won prizes in the USA and are entering Holiday on Ice for the first time. Besides this couple also Mariya Gerasimenko and Andrey Moskvin will be a skating principal pair. Michael Solonoski, Laurent Porteret, Joanne Carter and Jane Bugueva will amplify the show with individualistic acts.

The rehearsals started at the end of the summer in the training location in Utrecht, The Netherlands. On 14 November 2010 “Festival” will premiere in Hamburg, Germany and embark on an European tour of at least three years, including Germany, France, Netherlands and Great Britain.


Festival tour Germany

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